Graphic Design Services

Professional Service

CommArt is able to provide a professional graphic design services via the internet. In a fast paced world the internet is allowing us to decrease turn-around times to the advantage of the customer.

Given that most logos and for that matter most all other forms of commercial artwork are now being generated on a computer, it only makes sense to use the internet to provide a better transport medium for client proofs and final artwork.

We of course can provide our services the good old fashioned way, please be aware this will increase costs.

Graphic design

Quick Turnaround Times

By using the internet to provide this service we are able to cut the turnaround time for a traditionally produced logo from weeks down to a matter of days.

In a particular case we had the logo completed and delivered to the client in less than 48 hours.

Convenience and Security

We provide at no cost to the client a dedicated area on our web server for their files such as proofs or other work-in-progress materials.

Access to this area is protected by a username and password logon scheme, this way we can protected the privacy of the work we are doing for our clients.

Our clients are notified via email that a new version of their artwork or document is available. They are then at liberty to download the artwork or document at their leisure.

Constantly adapting new technologies for new purposes.

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux

Cross Platform Compatibility

One of the good reasons for using a web server for distributing documents is that it is supported by many desktop operating systems.

So whether you have Macintosh, PC, Linux or some other operating system, all that is needed is a browser that can download files and save them.

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