About CommArt


CommArt is a progressive organisation which was established in September 1989.

... from little acorns

From humble beginnings of a sole graphic artist, CommArt progressed to supplying value added graphic art solutions. When the market changed to a volume based environment, CommArt moved from this market. CommArt forever providing a broad solution to its clients, also can supply printed material arranged through a client specified printer or one of own preferred printers.

Adapting to a changing market

In our endeavour to provide quality service, CommArt realigned its marketing strategy in relation to the graphic art industry. This shift in marketing strategy occurred when became apparent that instant print houses were going to dominate the low end market. Analysis of this market segment meant that the only way to compete would be on a low margin, high volume business. As we are a consultancy we do not wish to be involved in this type of market.

Custom solutions

Since 1989 we have been providing creative solutions for our clients in the areas of magazine publications, corporate promotional literature, web site design, newspaper advertisements and general graphic art.

Over 15 years of experience

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Since 1989 we have been providing commercial artwork

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Image Manipulation
  • Impositioning
  • Proof Reading

Our expertise is testament to the careful selection of our team of professionals


The right team

CommArt's expertise is testament to the careful selection of the professional team it deploys to fulfil its clients needs.

Wide ranging expertise

Expertise in the commercial artwork industry has allowed us to provide quality solutions for our clients.

We provide a broad range of services for our clients ranging from simple advertisement layouts to full colour magazine production.

Expertise to solve problems


The professional team of CommArt has many years of experience.

Image Manipulation

Part of our long period of experience is our expertise in image manipulation. If you want to enhance an image or wish to get rid of an unwanted feature - we have the expertise to perform the job.

Web Site Development

Using the latest technology such as XML, XSL and CSS has allowed us to develop our own web site that is economical to maintain.

We now make this experience available to the business community so that they may also benefit from our expertise.

Production Management

Experience from managing art departments, the production of magazines as well as teams of graphic artists only highlights the extensive experience of our team of professionals. Some of our team members have been involved with magazine production at the professional level for many years.

Display Advertising

Many years of composing display advertising for newspapers, magazines and telephone directories only illustrate our expertise in the graphic art community.

... and more

Extensive experience in the incorporation of internet services for graphic art services delivery only increases the wealth of knowledge of our professionals.

Experience you can rely on

  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Quark Xpress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Acrobat
  • Adobe PageMaker

The professional team of CommArt has many years of experience

  • Quality assurance
  • Management information systems
  • Version control
  • Internet based collaboration

Professional advice and service that is a hallmark of our dedication

Future Perspective

The future is always in motion and CommArt has the flexibility to adapt to this challenge. We have demonstrated for more than 10 years our ability to provide creative solutions for our clients.

Quality and dedication

With its team of professionals, our clients will continue to receive the high level of professional advice and service that is a hallmark of our dedication.

Meeting the challenge

With the internet being the new frontier, requiring new skills and technology our team is best equipped to meet this challenge. We will continue our tradition of providing creative solutions in this new frontier with the same quality as our other solutions.

Conquering the challenges of the future

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